About Us



and the story behind
The Skin Kitchen

From the words of our founder:


With a passion for natural skincare and understanding the science behind it, I  couldn't find 100% natural products that were up to impeccable standards of efficacy, quality, and purity. So I started The Skin Kitchen to make them - for me, and for women like me who refuse to be green washed and refuse to settle for anything that is sub par.

I love doing this. I feel very happy creating a product that not only makes your skin beautiful but also keeps people healthy and improves quality of life. That is extremely rewarding.

I couldn’t find anything that was effective, made of high-quality ingredients, and pleasant to use. I knew if I was looking for results without worrying about my safety, other women must be too, so I decided to create my own.



Visible results, visible process. That's our promise. Any of the products you’re holding has been created to our level of standards and is of the highest quality and freshness possible.

  • No outsourcing.

  • No shortcuts.

  • We do it all ourselves.  With our own people. On our own farm.

  • We are a real skincare company.

From our farm to your beautiful face. Open your bottle. Inhale. Smell that? It’s what our Lab smells like every day. We're inviting you behind-the-scenes on the farm to learn about our unique formulation process and small batch production. For freshness sake.

Everything manufactured with our label is we have invented and formulated in-house, to ensure that your skin gets fresh and pure ingredients, headquartered in foothills of Himalayas, which is our manufacturing facility, and our R&D lab. Our products are made in small batches with ingredients sourced locally as well as around the world, everything from the formulation, to production, bottling and labelling is physically done in our manufacturing unit.

The reason we make everything ourselves because we want you to experience the best natural skincare with fresh and pure plant based ingredients, that comfort your skin and elevate your mood. If we outsource the making of our products that we are just one of the “natural organic brands” that the market is flooded with. And also we don’t want it any other way.

These formulations are only ours and not shared with any other brands or built on pre-made basis. The formulas developed over time, backed by science and your feedback.

These formulas and this process is the heart and soul of The Skin Kitchen.